Our projects are founded on our sole mission; to give children a future and a hope through educational development.


Sponsor a child and provide a future and a hope free from poverty! Our Child Development Program, Future Hope, addresses challenges affecting the wellbeing of children and communities in poverty. These challenges include education, health and nutrition, clean water and sanitation. Sponsorship provides an opportunity for you to partner with us and become part of a child's story



Our primary school, Hope Christian College, opened in 2015 and is flourishing. Hope Christian College is available to the public and has the highest standard of facilities and resources in Mityana. Our teachers have a heart to see children receive a high quality education. Our vision is to raise the future leaders of Uganda. 



The construction of Hope Village is well underway. With 13.3 acres of prime land, Hope Village is a place of love, joy and faith. 



Our Hope Homes create a safe and loving environment where our children are nurtured and encouraged. There is much laughter and singing in our Hope Homes! We are continuing to build homes at Hope Village as the need is great. 


We are growing our own food! We are starting small, but we believe in the importance of self-sustainability. We are growing our own food and produce to feed our children and are teaching them these important skills. With chickens, pigs, cows and crops we love our self-sustainable projects! 


We employ local staff! To ensure effective running of our projects and the creation of self-sustainability, we employ local staff and provide adequate training to further benefit the community.